When asked, “Did you have a good day?” have you ever emphatically responded, “Best day ever!  I posted bills and receipts ALL day!”  If so, stop everything you are doing and check out our job openings.  If not, read on and your response will become, “Most freeing day ever!  Some processing gurus named Data Scribe are going to do ALL our bookkeeping!”

We encounter one of four scenarios when discussing our Bookkeeping Solution with businesses:
  1. We do well at updating our accounting records but we’d rather not do it at all.
  2. We pay an hourly rate for someone else to enter our financial transactions.
  3. We try to stay on top of entering our bills and receipts…when we have time.
  4. We are pretty awful at tracking our income and expenses and it keeps us up at night…especially at tax time.

Regardless of where your business lies on the spectrum, bookkeeping steals from your resources…time, money, sleep, etc.  We hate that and we want to change that.

Our strengths consist of operational wizardry, data extraction, and data processing.  Our purpose is to enable you and your team to live a fuller life by creating time for your team to be more impactful, delivering peace of mind, and providing clarity of your finances.

We are not a software-driven “bookkeeper.”  Bookkeeping solutions driven by software may provide a cheap and fast option.  It all sounds magical as you consider everything syncing up to your bank or credit card account and never worrying about a thing.  Challenges arise if you practice job costing or cost-center accounting as a few examples.  Software-driven “bookkeeper” options are built on maximizing volume of customers and minimizing their expense.  That is certainly a common business strategy…just not one we choose to implement.  We are a relationship-driven bookkeeper.  We over-invest in understanding your business and cultivating a relationship to ensure our efforts align with every aspect of your business.  We provide more than healthy financials; we provide actionable financials.

We are not accountants and do not claim to be.  In fact, we work alongside your CPA or recommend one.  Certified Public Accountants enjoy working with Data Scribe as our client’s books are impeccably clean, up to date, and straightforward.  Furthermore, our bookkeeping experience allows us to speak their language and act on their recommendations taking that burden off your shoulders.

We are not your standard bookkeeper.  The days of coding each of your receipts, answering questions about dozens of transactions, and paying a premium for data entry are gone.  We leverage our strengths to provide you with a better, faster, and cheaper bookkeeping solution.

We are not a receipt scanning service.  Receipt scanners and their software provide efficiencies in bookkeeping.  However, you are still left with the task of reviewing and modifying each receipt to ensure proper entry into your accounting system.  Wouldn’t you rather just hand-off the receipts and never worry about it again?

Our Bookkeeping Solution works as follows:
  1. Review your existing accounting structure.
  2. Establish rules to reduce exceptions.  Sorry…technical wording.  Let’s try this again.  We find patterns in your transactions and review those with you.  These patterns make it possible for us to fill in the gaps for things like new vendors or assigning expenses to the right job.  Ultimately, this greatly reduces the amount of questions we will have for you on specific transactions.
  3. We begin entering all of your transactions and reconciling all of your accounts.
  4. We take care of the rest and continually improve the process to:
  5. Create more time for your resources to be more impactful;
  6. Deliver greater peace of mind;
  7. Provide deeper insight into your financials

Wow…you seriously made it this far in checking out our Bookkeeping Solution!  You either love taking in information, have been burnt in the past by “gotcha” fine print, or we have somehow found a way to make bookkeeping captivating.  Regardless, you’ll love the below list of ALL the specifics of what we are going to do for you with our Bookkeeping Solution:

  • Expense Entry – Data Scribe will enter all bills and expenses delivered to and received by Data Scribe within 5 business days of receipt, including expenses posted to bank and/or credit card accounts.  This does not include payment of bills.
  • Income Entry – Data Scribe will enter all sales and receipt of payment delivered to and received by Data Scribe within 5 business days of receipt, including deposits posted to bank and/or credit card accounts.  This does not include delivering nor collecting on invoices.
  • Journal Entry – Data Scribe will enter all journal entries delivered to and received by Data Scribe within 5 business days of receipt.
  • Reconciliations – Data Scribe will perform reconciliations of bank and/or credit card accounts within 10 business days from the statement date.
  • Job Costing & Maintenance – Data Scribe will allocate expenses and sales to the appropriate jobs.
  • Vendor Maintenance – Data Scribe will create and update vendor information required to post bills and expenses.
  • Customer Maintenance – Data Scribe will create and maintain customer information required to post sales and job allocation.
  • Document Archiving (Optional) – Data Scribe will digitally archive all documents related to the included bookkeeping services.  Such documents will be made available upon request and may be stored on Data Scribe’s server, within your accounting software, or on your server.

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